Builder, Lady Builder, Rotary Means Business

Lady Builder

It’s a mundane Monday for the lady builder. A lot of my work is office work, scheduling and troubleshooting. I’m a builder but I don’t sling a hammer very well. Being a builder, in my case means, getting things built. Most of the employees are sub-contractors.


I’d love to give the young people in town some tips on potential careers. I’ve started over 10 companies. Some have been sold, some dissolved when they were no longer needed, some are still active but none have filed for any type of bankruptsy or reorganization. I think I have a thing or two I could share about owning a business.


It’s a little lonely being a lady builder. I don’t actually have any close female friends that are builders, in the land development business or closely related businesses. I have some good female friends but they don’t share those interests. Last week I attended a group in Hillsdale, NJ. It was Rotary Means Business. One need not be a Rotarian to attend. The speaker was a CPA from a large firm and was very informative. She offered that we contact her with any questions. I did so a couple of days later and she gladly answered my questions. I got to talk quite a bit to the woman sitting next to me. She is the director of See the Light counseling center. Although this is not a businessĀ  related to mine, it was nice to get to know another business woman. I felt at home, with friendly colleagues. I hope to get to speak with the man who owns a marketing firm on February 22, the next meeting. If you are a business owner orĀ  manager in a firm, I would recommend that you check this group out. Feel free to contact me with any questions.