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House design vs. Designing your home


Here are a few general questions to ask yourself before you meet with your builder or architect to design your home or add some custom features to an existing design.

1. What is beautiful to you?

Surrounding oneself with beautiful things means something different to each individual. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so the saying goes. Consider what you will be looking at from your windows. Is a beautiful designed kitchen or patio space important to you? Is the look of the exterior important? What exterior and interior architectural design and accents do you like? Do you want something unique or more traditional?What about landscaping possibilities? The placement of the house will play a role in this.

2. What is important to you?…  Lifestyle considerations that address such things as work spaces, hobbies, pets and sports?… Do you work from home and need a quiet, large or small work space? Where will the sports equipment, tools and garden items be stored? Consider space and equipment if more than one person in the house cooks or bakes. Where do you really want your laundry room? How about two of them? What other convenience issues are there?… Traffic flow? Is low maintenance important? Environmental issues?… Lower utility bills?… Materials that don’t cause unhealthy air quality?

What do you dread about your present or past homes? Is it the long walk to get your garbage to the curb making it even longer because your kitchen is on the opposite side of the house from the curb?… especially when there is snow, sleet or rain? Is it the mud tracking through the house to the kitchen or powder room, not to mention what your powder room looks like afterwards? Is it Bilco doors, a space spiders love? People love them or hate them. The fold-down attic steps and getting boxes, or Christmas trees up there? The long walk from your car to your kitchen with groceries? Having your patio or deck where your neighbors watch your every move? No sun or no shade on your patio or deck? We have design solutions for these and more.